Hunt sabs ignore coronavirus lockdown – Fieldsports News, 1 April 2020

Here are the links:

Hunt sabs warned against breaking lockdown rules – press release
Aussie guns and ammo sales ban
Cops hunt for destructive moorland bikers – Facebook
British Game Alliance in the soup
Birds of prey ‘poisoned’ in Derbyshire – newspaper
Prince’s red squirrel sanctuary plan hits snag – Daily Mail
GWCT slams BBC reports
Bumper bird counts from eagle-eyed farmers – press release
Badger cull success
English foxhounds help revive hunting in Pakistan – Facebook
CITES accused of putting animal rights above human rights – Facebook
Dog owners warned after wolf sightings
Australian hunters hail pest control success – Facebook
Aussie doomsday preppers heading into the bush – 9News
Norwegians lobbying to bring back bows and arrows – newspaper
Homeland security says gunshops and ranges ‘essential’ amid pandemic – press release
Top poaching investigator assassinated in South Africa – Sowetan Live
Guns offers London Macnab – GunsOnPegs

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