Hunting and shooting in the UK 2024 election manifestos

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Farmer and former MP Neil Parish and Charlie Jacoby discuss the 2024 election manifestos from Labour, the Conservatives, the LibDems, Reform and the Greens, and what they mean for country sports. All five political parties make commitments that affect hunting, shooting, gun or dog ownership.

Here’s the rundown:

Languishing at number 5 is the Green Party, which keeps its commitment to ban all bloodsports.

A faller to number 4 is Labour, which wants to ban trailhunting and, presumably, dogwalking, and wants to attempt to replace African wildlife with cattle by banning trophy imports.

The LibDems are up to number 3 with no plans for countrysports apart from a ban on muirburn in England.

The Conservatives are a riser to the number 2 slot with a wishy-washy commitment not to ban trailhunting.

Straight in at number 1 this election is Reform, which wants to protect all country sports.


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Those commitments in full:

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