It has been a hot busy morning in Namibia in search of game. We are guests of Zeiss Sports Optics who have taken over Blaser’s Sney Rivier ranch in Namibia.

As part of the management plan here in Africa and part of Zeiss’s marketing over Europe, Spanish Zeiss dealers have been offered a trip of a lifetime. They’re allowed to shoot oryx, red hartebeest, zebra and wildebeest as long as it’s with a Blaser rifle, Norma ammunition and of course some quality German glassware. As with any hunting the added bonus is being able to see plenty of wildlife.

Juan and Fernando are taking it in turns to hunt and here has already been some success with an oryx. The day is drawing to a close we leave and head off in search of African Game. Eventually we come across a young blue wildebeest bull. He doesn’t stick around long and runs in front of us. Juan is used to driven game and gets a shot off but this strong animal keeps powering on. It is important to check if he is down quickly. The guide heads off at a fast jog with the hunters in tow. The sun is dropping and the one thing they will not accept here is lost game.

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An earlier oryx is down

We find blood and trek after the bull. It may be a case for the dogs if the bull is not spotted soon.
The tracker spots the bull with us racing to keep up. It is a few hundred yards away. Juan takes aim and puts the bull on the ground. ¡Olé! That is the Juan’s second wildebeest and though we had a little bit of a run we finally got him. Stefan Buehring, also from Zeiss, is exhausted due to the chase through the thick bush. He is impressed and pleased with Juan’s efforts.

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Blaser rifles and Zeiss optics throughout

Juan was using the new Blaser R8 Professional Success. It has a pistol grip which seems to be one of those design concepts that just make sense. The model that Juan is usinf has thermo-elastic inlays. For those who want a fancier finish, leather inlays are also available. Along with the pistol grip there is a large thumbhole. The rifle has been and still is a popular choice of the sports scene. Darren Hull of Blazer believes that if this is the case then why should it not be a popular choice for the hunters. He has switched to this model, the thumbhole giving him more connection with the rifle and boosting his confidence. Furthermore the thumbhole allows the trigger finger to wrap around the trigger and not allow sideways movement.

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Juan, guide and wildebeest

Certainly Juan felt comfortable with the R8 on the young blue wildebeest. You can tell he’s young by the distance between his horns. When the horns become bigger and the gap starts to close and you cannot put your finger between them, then you know it is a big trophy.
Of course there are the all important photographs of Juan and his guide. It’s vitally important to get this animal gralloched and in the back of the truck. Each of the staff here get three kilos of meat a week as well as their accommodation and wages. And Juan will be adding to that pot when this handsome trophy is mounted and shipped all the way back to Spain.

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