Big game

British bowhunters abroad

Gary Rawlings takes his sport to South Africa. He is a British bowhunter – which is a banned sport in the UK, so he goes

Boris Johnson’s hunting ban

UK prime minister Boris Johnson plans hunting bans that threaten all shooting sports. His first move, with DEFRA minister, animal rights activist and fellow old

Majestic Swedish Moose Hunt

Tim Pilbeam is on the hunt of a lifetime. He is after Swedish elk, doing it with some of Sweden’s leading elk experts, a helicopter,

Tahr Meat Hunt

New Zealand has a pest problem. Happily, they are both a sporting shot and delicious. Niall Rowantree goes to a farm to help deal with

Can you call in antelope?

Paul finds out in South Africa. He is out with Nico Els in the Eastern Cape – plus he is guiding a guest, Claes Björksten

Fast-Action Elk Hunt

To go elk hunting in Finland, you have to be fit. You watch the dog chasing the elk in real time via GPS. Then you

Shooting Chamois on the Vertical

Paul Childerley is on a three-day chamois hunt in the Slovenian mountains. In the latest episode of Paul’s Barrels & Brass series, he is out

Balkan Chamois Hunt

To the Rhodopes Mountains for one of Europe’s most attractive animals. He might be close to the border with Greece but Bulgaria can be cold

Tahr Hunt and Huge Red Stags

Deer manager Niall Rowantree is travelling Planet Deer again, looking at how New Zealand produces monster red stag heads, and going hunting for Tahr in

On Test: Sako 85 Carbon Wolf

Professional wildlife manager Paul Childerley puts the Sako 85 Carbon Wolf in 6.5 Creedmoor through its paces on kudu in South Africa. He is hunting

Big Buff Hunt

It is one of the most exciting hunts you can do. African PH Clinton van Tonder takes an American client, Richard Burns, out after Cape

How to Shoot an Elephant

Park rangers, professional hunters, even sport hunters all need to learn how to shoot an elephant safely and cleanly. A good place to do it

Spanish Mouflon Hunting

Tim heads into the hills behind the Costa del Sol to go mouflon and wild boar hunting. It’s a great way to end a hard

Paul hunts trophy mouflon

Paul has been offered a trophy 75-80cm trophy mouflon in Hungary. They grow to more than 90cm here. He is on a recce to find

Hunting at Eriksberg

Hunters and wildlife watchers both love the Eriksberg estate in Southern Sweden. You can go there to drink in nature with a pair of binos,

Shooting Rhinos on the Run

Shooting Rhinos on the Run

Tricky shot, a running rhinoceros. The Southern African Wildlife College is darting them in order to tag them and check their health. it is all

Swiss Ibex Hunt

Mario Theus of Palorma Hunting has come up with a stunning new series on YouTube about hunting ibex in the Swiss Alps. Charlie Jacoby goes

How to be a Professional Hunter

How to be a Professional Hunter

The PH course at the Southern African Wildlife College is 18 months learning cool stuff like how to set up a leopard bait, conduct autopsies,

Black Wildebeest Hunt

Our bouncing Czech Michaela is hunting by day and night. In her day sights is a black wildebeest, one of Africa’s most important prey animals.

Grey Seal Cull

Grey Seal Cull

When Cai Ap Bryn’s Norwegian mate Trigger says come and try seal shooting, Cai is on the flight like a politician on a baby. The

Michaela Hunts Kudu

Michaela Hunts Kudu

Our Model Hunter, Michaela Fialová, is in South Africa’s Eastern Cape after kudu. But first she gets to go and see a dartgun round-up of

Running Moose Hunt

Running Moose Hunt

Michaela Fialová is after elk (moose) on day two of her trip to Camp Lapponia in Sweden. It is an action-packed fast stalk in to

Michaela’s Moose

Michaela’s Moose

Michaela is off to the frozen north of Sweden after moose. See how she gets on. If you want to go hunting here, visit and

Hunting Boar with a Crossbow

Crossbows just might save hunting in the USA. That’s what Larry Large of Hunting East Texas says. We are out with Larry and his friend

Dallas Safari Club Show 2016

Dallas Safari Club Show 2016

It’s lions, elephants and rhino hunting at the 2016 Dallas Safari Club Show. Love ’em or hate ’em, we meet Corey Knowlton, the man who

Michaela’s Stag

Michaela’s Stag

Michaela Fialova is hunting stags in Hungary, some of the finest hunting country in the world. There are huge numbers of deer on the estate,


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