Tim Pilbeam takes his .30-06 to Scotland to shoot red hinds on a wind farm. The aim of the deer management is to discourage birdlife. Yes, really. Deer manager Robbie Rowantree of West Highland Hunting encourages stags on this ground and discourages hinds, because stags make it harder for the ground nesting birds. Watch the film to find out why.

▶ To go stalking with Robbie Rowantree, visit WestHighland-Hunting.co.uk
▶ Contact Tim Pilbeam at tim@rucksackandrifle.co.uk
▶ Tim uses a Steyr in .30-06. For more about Steyr’s rifles, go to Steyr-Mannlicher.com
▶ Tim uses a V8 scope. For more on his binos, go to Bit.ly/zeiss-victory-ht-8×42
▶ For Harkila clothing, visit Harkila.com

This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 436 Bit.ly/fieldsportsbritain436

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