Houbara Bustard Hunting with Falcons

Roy Lupton breeds high-speed falcons in the UK for houbara bustard hunting in the Middle East and the ‘Stans. He travels to Azerbaijan to see his birds in action. Like with wildlife all over the world, hunters are not hunting the houbara bustard to extinction – they are bringing them back from extinction. Like with […]

Hunting Hinds under the Turbines

Tim Pilbeam takes his .30-06 to Scotland to shoot red hinds on a wind farm. The aim of the deer management is to discourage birdlife. Yes, really. Deer manager Robbie Rowantree of West Highland Hunting encourages stags on this ground and discourages hinds, because stags make it harder for the ground nesting birds. Watch the […]

Fieldsports Britain – Wind Farm Deerstalking Challenge

We’re hunting under the windmills, this week. In the last in this season of Rucksack & Rifle, Tim Pilbeam is hindstalking in and around a Scottish wind farm. He also finds out how gamekeepers manage ground under the wind farms by encouraging red stags and discouraging hinds. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton has been off to see […]


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