iRay FH25R range finding thermal spotter

The iRay FH25R could be the perfect tool for deer stalkers, fox shooters, and anyone else who needs to spot quarry and measure the range – all in one pocket-sized, robust, hand-held monocular.

The FH25R fits neatly in the palm of your hand and offers tremendous performance from a 640×512 12 micron sensor with a 50Hz refresh rate. The 25mm objective lens gives optical magnification of 1.5-6x, meaning you have a wide field of view to scan an area quickly and efficiently, with a detection range of almost 1,300 metres.

Ryan Charlton from distributors Highland Outdoors uses the FH25R to spot and range his quarry

The high resolution display offers a sharp image, and you can choose the colour scheme that best suits the situation, from white- or black-hot through a range of coloured options. The FH25R has a built-in Li-ion battery that provides a nominal six hours of normal use, and is easily recharged via the USB socket. You can power it from a USB power pack too if you like.

The great thing about the FH25R is that having found your quarry you can then measure the range  to within one metre accuracy, without taking your eye off the target. The device also has a built-in recorder that will take video or still images, and wifi connectivity so your colleagues can share in the action.

A wide field of view means you can find your quarry quickly, day or night

All in all it’s an invaluable piece of kit for the gamekeeper, fox shooter or deer stalker – something you can slip in a pocket to spot and range-find your quarry day or night. “It gives you the edge,” says Ryan Charlton from distributors Highland Outdoors.

Price for the iRay FH25R is £2,574.95. Find out more at the Highland Outdoors website.

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