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Thermal Imaging: the Ultimate Guide

from Fieldsports Channel’s Fieldtester in association with Scott Country It’s been said before, but thermal technology really has transformed stalking and pest control, day or

iRay Rico RH50 thermal riflescope When you’re serious about pest control, only the best will do – and iRay’s flagship Rico RH50 riflescope offers outstanding quality. “I’ve used just

iRay E3n thermal spotter iRay UK offer a range of thermal spotters and scopes – their E3n featured here is an entry level spotter, priced at £1,169.95. It’s

iRay TL35 thermal rifle scope The iRay TL35 might look and handle like a regular daylight rifle scope – but inside is cutting edge thermal technology, allowing you to

Yukon Photon XT – review

Jaf Jefferson talks about the Yukon Photon XT, its drawbacks and why he likes it, plus what he would like to see improved. Here is

On Test: night vision with Wifi

Nitesite has brought out its R model, night vision with wifi and an onboard video recording unit. Our Man In Black Darren Rogers tries it

On test: Drone Pro 10X

On test: Drone Pro 10X

Roy Lupton takes the Drone Pro 10X Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope from Night Vision Gear UK out after foxes around his home in Kent.

On Test: FLIR Scout

At last! An affordable (sort of) thermal imaging system. Now you can look beyond the trees to count your deer. Now you can see you


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