Paul Childerley is in the Wicklow hills battling the Irish weather to get onto a sika stag in the rut. He’s keen to experience the eerie whistling and argy bargy that make this a magical time of year in these awe-inspiring mountains. After a lung-busting climb and some close calls, Paul finally gets the opportunity for a shot…

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Reloading with Sako – how to save £20 a box on ammo

Deer manager and gamekeeper Paul Childerley has been reloading his ammunition for years, mainly for the cost savings. With the change to copper bullets Paul wanted a Sako round in .243 for roe, but the factory loads hadn’t arrived in the UK. He asked a friend to develop a load

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Military tech to zero your thermal scope

You no longer need a blowtorch or ice pack to zero your thermal riflescope. Therm-X brings military target tech to the sport shooter, so you can practise shooting in the dark, whether it’s with a centrefire, rimfire or air rifle. The idea is simple – take a steel target and

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Shooting driven wild boar with the Sako 90

Paul Childerley heads to Portugal for an action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled adventure hunting driven wild boar with the Sako 90 Peak rifle in .300 Win Mag fitted with an Aimpoint Acro C2 red dot sight. Paul is experienced at this sort of fast, reactive shooting, so he shares some top tips with

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Ladies’ day at Childerley Sporting

With women making up less than 5% of shotgun certificate holders in the UK, Paul Childerley is on a mission to even the odds – he’s hosting a ladies’ driven partridge, pheasant and duck day on his shoot in Bedfordshire. The guns enjoy some quality shooting and a scrumptious lunch

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Hunting huge red deer in the snows of Poland

Paul Childerley is in Poland, helping with a government cull of red deer in and around the town of Piwniczna-Zdrój near the Slovakian border. The deer are huge Carpathian reds, with some of the hinds achieving over 100kg. The animals are coming into the villagers’ gardens in search of safety

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Paul’s deer move day

Paul Childerley is organising a ‘deer move’ cull on his Bedfordshire estate to bring down the number of Chinese water deer and reduce damage to farm crops over the winter months. Elsewhere on the estate, this military spec thermal drone is helping to answer the tricky question of how many

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