Jack Charlton death ‘good’ says anti

A councillor and former lord mayor of York caused outrage when he welcomed the death of Jack Charlton because of the World Cup winner’s involvement in shooting and angling.

Anger: Taylor’s post on Facebook


Animal rights activist and Green Party councillor Dave Taylor later apologised for causing offence after he posted controversial comments on Facebook.

Leeds United and England star Jack Charlton died aged 85. Charlton had a passion for shooting and fishing, and Taylor began by saying: “Jack ‘Bloodsports’ Charlton is dead. Good.”

Former lord mayor Dave Taylor: ‘Jack ‘Bloodsports’ Charlton is dead. Good.’


Taylor later posted: “I didn’t advocate being cruel to him, I just don’t think he should be lauded as some sort of hero. F*** him.”

He added: “Sick of the adulation of this animal abuser. Being good at kicking a leather football does not absolve him.”

At first, Taylor was unashamed of his comments


York Green Party apologised to Charlton’s family and fans. It suspended Taylor and forced him to issue a ‘full and heartfelt’ apology for his ‘thoughtless and crass’ comments.

York Green Party said the national party’s action was a ‘no-fault’ suspension pending the completion of an internal inquiry. It said the suspension did not affect his ability to serve as a councillor. A petition to York Green Party to sack Taylor has passed 1,000 signatories.

Taylor apologised, too, posting: “I’ve clearly upset a lot of people with my comment about Jack Charlton’s involvement in bloodsports. I apologise for causing offence.”

But the apology was not enough for some, so Taylor apologised again, saying: “It must’ve been upsetting. I apologise. I always hated his involvement in bloodsports, but it was insensitive to mention it now.”


Would you like to complain about Dave Taylor? Here are the resources:

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