Jack Pyke Hunter’s Boots – review

Farmer and pigeonshooter Andy Crow loves his Jack Pyke boots. “I wear them every day of the year,” he says. “They’re so comfortable, I’d rather wear these than a pair of trainers. You don’t even know you’ve got them on. It’s the soft leather.”

Andy wears the shorter Fieldsman boots in the summer, and switches to the higher Hunter’s boots when the weather is wetter and colder. They’re warm and waterproof, and they’ve got the Vibram soles for grip.”

Andy wear the boots every day and say they're more comfortable than trainers

He says he gives his boots a hard time, but they last him well. “I abuse them. They get spray chemicals and diesel oil on them. They really do get hammered, so I might get through a couple of pairs a year. I simply wear them out – that’s farming for you, and it wouldn’t matter what make of boot it was. But these are simply the best boots I’ve ever had.”

The Jack Pyke Hunter’s Boots cost £155, and the shorter Fieldsman Boots are £140.

Find out more at JackPyke.co.uk.

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