Jack Pyke Rifle Rucksack – review

The Jack Pyke Rifle Rucksack is purpose-designed for the stalker who wants a simple, practical way to carry everything you need for a day’s stalking. It’s day-bag sized, at 22 litres capacity, and provides a covered compartment for a scoped rifle as well, so there’s no need to carry a separate slip for the rifle.

Fieldsports Channel’s Jason Doyle reckons it’s just the job. “There are two big internal pockets for all your gear – knives, gloves and the rest. There’s elastic webbing on the front which is really useful if the rucksack is full and you want to stash a waterproof coat under the elastic.”

He continues: “There an admin pocket at the top for things like your keys and phone. It’s a good size so you can fit loads in there. Then on each side there’s a mesh pocket that will hold a water bottle or flask up to 1.5 litres, which is really good.”

Jason says the Rifle Rucksack is ideal for carrying all your gear on a day's stalking

Jason likes the practical details in the design too. “There are side straps so you can cinch the bag down if it isn’t full. That stops it moving about on your back when you’re walking. There are removable waist and chest straps which are great if you’re carrying a lot of weight and walking a long way.”

The key feature of course is the rifle slip, and Jason is impressed with the design of that too. “Other rucksacks I’ve used leave the barrel protruding at the top, and it’s easy to catch on branches if you’re moving through forestry or crawling in cover. This has the muzzle down, and the rifle is totally protected by the material.”

Jason likes the plain green but the Rifle Rucksack also comes in camo

All in all Jason reckons the Rifle Rucksack is great for everything from a long day’s stalking to a trip to the range, making it easy to carry all your gear in one neat bag. “It is a really well thought-out product,” he says.

The Jack Pyke Rifle Rucksack comes in green or camouflage Cordura, priced at £89.95.

Find out more at JackPyke.co.uk.

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