Jack Pyke LLCS Concealment Suit – review

When you need to remain totally unseen, you need 3D camouflage – just look at the intricate ghillie suits used by police and military snipers.

This LLCS Concealment Suit from Jack Pyke uses the same principle. It’s covered with cut-out leaf shapes, in Jack Pyke’s English Oak Evolution pattern to blend in with a wide range of natural environments from heather moorland to dense woodland.

Instagram shooting star Dan Thor says “I use this in the woods for shooting squirrels, and it’s fantastic.”

The suit is very lightweight at under 1/2 kg. Elasticated wrist and ankle cuffs and waistband allow an easy and quick fit. The hood and trouser waistband can be adjusted using cord retainers. This silent suit is a perfect match with Jack Pyke’s LLCS 3D clothing range that includes baseball caps, balaclavas and gloves.

Retail price for the jacket and trousers is £55.

Find out more at JackPyke.co.uk

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