Two Turks go head-to-head in the hands of Ian Hodge of Cornish gunshop Ian Hodge Fieldsports. He looks at affordably priced 12-bores from KOFS vs ATA Arms.

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Shotguns for £800 – should you buy new or used?

You’ve got a budget of £800 to buy a shotgun; should you buy new, or pick a nice secondhand example? We asked Dan Bibb of Shooting Sports UK to show us the options. He has two very different guns in stock that fit the bill: a secondhand Browning 425, and

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Lightweight shotguns for game

Game shooters often prefer a lighter weight shotgun, especially for walked-up shooting where you may be carrying the gun for some distance, along with all your other kit and cartridges. Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country reckons the Yildiz is a good choice. It has a lightweight alloy action, coming in

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The best .410s for a young shot

The .410 is a great first shotgun for a youngster – and modern .410s are good quality, scaled-down versions of a full-sized over-and-under. Ian Hodge looks at two popular modern .410s: the KOFS and Webley & Scott game guns. He sells lots of these from his Cornwall and online gun

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Steel shot should not force you to sell your old gun

Yes, that’s Nigel Farage. An evening with the Blacker family in Cornwall sees local shooters (and Nigel) bring in their guns for assessment. Bill Blacker and his sons Jim and Matt are among the foremost gunmakers and gunsmiths in the UK, and they advise on how to save your old

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What’s the right shotgun for a left-hander?

You are left-handed, so you need a left-handed gun, right? Not necessarily, says Robin Shedden of Cluny Country Guns. Several of the big shotgun manufacturers offer their guns in left-handed versions, but those aren’t always fully left-handed, he explains. The left-handed Berettas and the Blaser F16 are built on right-handed

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