Interview with director Tom Opre about The Last Keeper film new documentary claims Scotland’s rural communities are ‘at war’ with each other – with conservation at the centre ground and threats of violence against children. During research for his new film ‘The Last Keeper’, director Tom Opre uncovered claims that keepers had been threatened by antis in their own communities – and their children were told they […]

How to make delicious pheasant jerky Cai Ap Bryn shows how to make delicious pheasant jerky, which makes a great snack to carry in the field. He uses the versatile Tre Spade Atacama Pro Food Dehydrator from Weschenfelder – get 15% off using the link below. Ingredients: Pheasant Soy sauce Worcestershire sauce Maple syrup White pepper Onion salt Sage Paprika […]

Night-shooting fallow in Lincolnshire

Parts of Lincolnshire have a lot of fallow. They hide up on antis’ land and feast on nearby farmers’ crops. DEFRA is now issuing night licences for local deer managers to bring down numbers. Luke Butel and Mark Singlehurst of Vale Field & Game show how they carry out a night-shooting exercise on a herd […]

Fieldsports Britain – Ambushing deer in the dark Night shooting deer: it’s a thing. Whether you like it or not, DEFRA is giving out licences to night-shoot deer and some deer managers are using them. In Lincolnshire, the deer problem is acute, so Luke Butel and Mark Singlehurst from Vale Field & Game are using a night licence to reduce a huge […]

KOFS vs ATA Arms shotguns

Two Turks go head-to-head in the hands of Ian Hodge of Cornish gunshop Ian Hodge Fieldsports. He looks at affordably priced 12-bores from KOFS vs ATA Arms. For Ian’s shop, go to To watch all of #FieldsportsBritain, episode 745, visit More shotgun reviews here:

José Souto: putting game meat on Britain’s plates

José Souto is on the front line of putting venison, pheasant, partridge and hare on people’s plates. José is not just a passionate hunter himself, he’s an award-winning game chef, and a lecturer at Westminster Kingsway College. He trains the chefs who end up working in some of the top foodie establishments in London and […]


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