Le Chameau Vierzonord boots

When analysing reams of spreadsheet data for trends, it’s always easier when one name appears nearly twice as often as any other.

That was the case with our wellies survey. To the relief of the team trawling through information supplied by hundreds of Fieldsports Britain supporters just like you (thanks for that, by the way).

Exactly half-way between the comments “don’t wear wellies” and “wellies are evil” was Le Chameau plus several variations of the spelling stretching across more than two computer screens. The Le Chameau welly of choice is the Vierzonord.

“Expensive but worth it. Worn for EVERYTHING!” Helen from UK told us in our survey, adding that she’d had hers 17 years.

The boot boasts a shock-absorbing sole and “under-arch support” that helps reduce fatigue and keeps you stable on all sorts of terrain. As well as being flexible and adjustable, it’s heavily insulated, keeping your toes warm even in temperatures as low as -15°C.

La Chameau sells them for £180

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