What’s the right shotgun for a left-hander?

You are left-handed, so you need a left-handed gun, right? Not necessarily, says Robin Shedden of Cluny Country Guns.

Several of the big shotgun manufacturers offer their guns in left-handed versions, but those aren’t always fully left-handed, he explains. The left-handed Berettas and the Blaser F16 are built on right-handed actions, and fitted with a left-handed stock. The top lever still opens right-handed, making it awkward for a left-handed shooter.

For a fully left-handed gun, you could look at the Blaser F3 or Brownings, which have a true left-handed action, with the top lever moving from right to left to open the gun.

That’s all very well if you are a left-hander shooting off the left shoulder – but is your left eye your master eye? If not, the gun won’t be shooting where you aim. You might need to wear an eye patch, or obscure the right lens of your shooting glasses, to make sure you are shooting with the left eye. Plus of course gun fit is every bit as important for a left-handed shot.

So just buying a left-handed gun isn’t a magic bullet for left-handers. “There are plenty of ways to do it. Come in and see us, and we can sort it all out,” says Robin. “Just remember it’s the master eye that’s critical, not whether you’re right- or left-handed.”

Find out what Cluny Country Guns offer for left-handed shooters at ClunyGuns.co.uk

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