What’s the right shotgun for a left-hander?

You are left-handed, so you need a left-handed gun, right? Not necessarily, says Robin Shedden of Cluny Country Guns. Several of the big shotgun manufacturers offer their guns in left-handed versions, but those aren’t always fully left-handed, he explains. The left-handed Berettas and the Blaser F16 are built on right-handed actions, and fitted with a […]

Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival 2023

youtu.be/dgN7VT0i5vQ The Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival 2023 took place from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 September 2023 in Chichester Harbour and Hayling Island. Andy Ford guides us through The festival, based from the Langstone Quays Hotel, which aims to bring together likeminded anglers to forge new friendships, develop new skills and learn more about […]

Hunters’ chopper horror – Fieldsports News, 20 September 2023

youtu.be/CzP9inpKVw4 Here are the links: Hunters’ helicopter terror Banks under pressure Feeding deer to lions appals antis Scots estates win conservation praise Angler lands lake monster catfish Coffey criticised Canada geese on White House lawn Sika nipple test

Golf course rabbit control

Nicole Moore, Instagram’s Shooting Girl with an Afro, has taken on rabbit control duties at a golf course close to her home in Norfolk, where the rabbits are causing terrible damage to the greens. She’s using a .22 Sako rifle, subsonic ammo, and she has got a new ATN X-Sight day/night scope so she can […]

Fieldsports Britain – hole in one rabbit

youtu.be/n5qUhhjf_yY Nicole Moore looks after the greens on a Norfolk golf course with a rifle. With night vision, she is out to make every putt count by controlling the rabbits that dig extra holes for the golfers. She explains the job, why the golfers like her and what she does with the rabbits afterwards. We’re […]

Fieldsports meets feature film making at Cornish gun shop

youtu.be/MSbKMWTcITg In the Cornish countryside, Fieldsports meets feature filmmaking. At an open day to celebrate the extension to Ian Hodge’s shop, my film crew came along too. Many of you will know me as a news correspondent for Fieldsports Channel but I am also a film director. We will be shooting a scene of my […]


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