Leupold VX-5HD 3-15×56 riflescope reviewed by Jason Doyle

Jason Doyle has been using this Leupold VX-5 scope for two years, so he’s had plenty of time to give it a really thorough test – and he loves it.

“Every now and then something comes along that suits you down to the ground. The VX-5 does everything I want my scope to do, and does it very well,” he says.

“It’s probably the simplest turret set-up of any scope I’ve had. You just need an allen key to take the turret off, set your rifle and the turret goes straight back on. There’s no faffing around with dials and screws.”

The turret on Jason’s scope is calibrated in minutes of angle, but for no extra charge you can send Leupold your ballistic data and they will make a custom turret for you. “I haven’t bothered with that because I use my scope on so many different rifles, but for someone with one rifle it would be really useful.”

Jason finds the 3-15 magnification range ideal, suitable for open ground on the hill as well as closer shots in woodland. He’s impressed by the quality of the optics too. “This scope punches well above its weight for this price point, and rivals any of the European brands. It has a really good field of view which is important for something like hind culling where you’re trying to shoot multiple animals on the hill.”

“The VX-5 is also low profile, lightweight… it just ticks all the boxes for me.”

RRP for the Leupold VX-5HD 3-15×56 is £1,620

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