Leupold VX6 HD 4-24×52 rifle scope – review

A good quality rifle scope is important to Mike Robinson in his role as a professional deer manager – and he’s more than happy with his Leupold VX6 HD 4-24×52. In fact he has two, one on each of his 6.5mm Creedmoor chambered rifles.

“Particularly when deer are under pressure, I’m shooting in the early morning and late evening, so I need a very high quality optic,” he says. “Plus I need a very robust scope, because I’m often out all day battering around in Land Rovers, Kubotas and whatnot.”

“That’s why I use Leupold. They are military grade, very heavy duty. I’m most impressed with this scope,” he says, tapping his VX6 HD. “It’s been used relentlessly now for a year and a half in all weathers – foul rain, freezing cold, you name it.”

“It gets dragged around, it gets dropped, and I’ve never yet had to put it back on zero because of a drop. That’s a first for me in 20 years of using scopes,” he adds.

The Leupold VX6 HD has a host of useful features including fitted flip-up lens covers, an electronic reticle level, special lens coatings, and elevation and windage turrets with a locking system so they can’t be knocked off the zero setting. It’s waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

There are different reticles available, and Mike has the illuminated TMOA variety. “It’s one of my all time favourite reticles,” he says. “Some people prefer a dot in the centre, but this one has an illuminated fine red cross, with minute of angle markings. Very often I’m shooting late in the evening in woodland, and the deer is little more than a silhouette. I can easily line up the cross behind the shoulder because it gives me the definition and perspective I need against the body of the deer.”

All in all Mike says it’s a great scope. “It’s got lovely optics, bright and clear all the way to the edge, it’s built like a tank and definitely a bit cheaper than some of the top European brands. I can’t recommend the Leupold VX6 HD highly enough.”

Find out more at Leupold.com, and at UK distributors VikingShoot.com

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