Wildfire season gets going – Fieldsports News, 31 March 2021

Here are the links:
Wildfires spread like, well, wildfires – C4PMC + Facebook + Facebook 
Northern Ireland mulls rabbit dog ban – Countryside Alliance 
Sheep worrying to carry £40k fine – Police videos on Facebook: 1,2,3  
Kidnapped dogs found – Sussex Police
Quorn Hunt in the soup – ITV
Colonel David Hancock MBE –  DavidHancockonDogs.com
Irish deer chief is animal rights looney – Irish Government
Italian government announces mass bird hunting ban – but don’t believe it – All4Shooters.com
Extremists claim rodeo arson — Twitter
Wolf lamping on Montana’s political menu – New York Times
Botswana raises conservation cash with elephant hunts AllAfrica.com + IUCN
Gamekeeper rescues owl – Facebook

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Here are the videos in this week’s news:

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