Limbering up for Airgunning – AirHeads, episode 52

We’ve got pigeon shooting, rat hunting with night vision and an airgunner’s fitness regime in AirHeads this week. Roger Lait won’t start the HFT season without some exercises designed to loosen up those shooting muscles, Roy Lupton has his Nitesite aimed at a major rat problem and Jamie Chandler’s BSA is trained on a pigeon, down on the Hampshire farm where he lives. Plus David has HotAir airgun news and Airstreaming rounds up the best airgun films on YouTube.

Here are the links to the items on #YouTube:
Roger Lait
Roy Lupton
Jamie Chandler

Here are the #YouTube links for Airstreaming:
Corvid Hunter
Andys Range
Airgun Hunter Extreme Channel
Vermin Hunters TV

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