Back in 2004, when Charlie was editing Sporting Shooter magazine, he ran this article on how to make your own pigeon decoy.


Use the PDF template below to draw the pigeon outline on 1cm-thick grey-coloured foam.

Cut out the foam and cut out the slots in the body where the wings poke through.

Staple the body in three places, as marked on the pattern – on the beak, shoulder and in front of the tail.

Cut around the wings. Staple the underside of the wings where marked. You are trying to pinch them to make the bird look like it is feathering them, ready to land.

Push the wings through the body. If necessary, trim the holes in the body around the wings so that the bird’s back is good and even.

Paint in the black and white details, and the yellow eye, as shown on the pattern. Pigeons are drawn by white markings, so make them good and crisp.



Here are Charlie’s pictures from the magazine

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