Pigeon decoying like the old days, with Andy Crow

Andy Crow learned pigeon shooting with his grandfather. Now it’s time to pass on his knowledge to his own grandson. He starts with how to make your own decoys, 1950s-style (see the film below). In this film (above) he gets to the important [art. Do they work? He uses them for a sunny afternoon’s pigeon […]

Make your own pigeon decoy

Back in 2004, when Charlie was editing Sporting Shooter magazine, he ran this article on how to make your own pigeon decoy. Instructions Use the PDF template below to draw the pigeon outline on 1cm-thick grey-coloured foam. Cut out the foam and cut out the slots in the body where the wings poke through. Staple […]

Fieldsports Britain – Retro Crow

www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9vBhfaroBQ Andy Crow steps back in time for today’s pigeon decoying outing. He makes his own decoys out of plastic downpipe and paints them up. Meanwhile, Tom Davies and Ollie Williams are out after deer and foxes with a range of thermal devices. They look at the pluses and pitfalls. David has the news on […]

J Fairman ‘from Purdey’ pinfire

Gun expert Diggory Hadoke of VintageGuns.co.uk selects a J Fairman gun, a poor man’s Purdey, coming up at auction soon. He also looks at the idea of gunsmiths that added ‘from Purdey’ to their names. The Farman gun is a 19th-century pinfire hammergun with an unusual safety catch, part of the Captain Alan Marshall collection, […]


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