Meopta Optika6 1-6×24 RD SFP riflescope – review


If you shoot driven boar or practical rifle competitions, you need the right scope for the job, something designed for fast, reflex shooting. James Fowler at distributors RUAG knows his stuff, so what does he recommend?

“The Meopta Optika6 1-6×24 is ideal,” he says. “It’s a nice compact scope that’s the perfect fit for a little gun like the Bergara BA13 take-down rifle. The lower magnification gives really fast target acquisition, and it’s easy to use with gloves on when it’s really cold, which is an important factor for driven boar and the like.”

The scope offers 1x to 6x magnification, so you can zoom in on medium range targets quickly, while at the lower end of the range an exit pupil of 10mm ensures good visibility in low light.

James likes the fact that the magnification markings are easily visible without moving your eye from the shooting position. There is a good sized lever on the zoom ring so you can go from 1x to 6x in an instant while keeping your eye on the target. Eye relief is a generous 100mm, or just a shade under 4 ins.

Pictured here is the Second Focal Plane (SFP) model, which has capped 0.5 MoA windage and elevation adjustments. The caps have a heavily textured grip so they’re easily removed and replaced with gloves on. The First Focal Plane model has exposed, locking adjustments for rapid correction in the field.

There’s a variety of illuminated reticles available, controlled by the dial on the left-hand side of the tube. Every second click turns the reticle off, so you can quickly go back to your preferred setting.

Prices range from £485 to £635 depending on which reticle you choose – James’s choice is the 4C, a European style reticle that provides fast target acquisition in lower light and against tangled backgrounds. The scope comes with the standard Meopta Optika6 ten-year warranty.

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