Mossberg MVP Light Chassis rifle

The Mossberg MVP LC is a great little compact rifle that would be ideal for a gamekeeper working out of a pick-up truck. A bolt-action, it borrows some of the features of a tactical AR type rifle, such as the extending stock which can be shortened in an instant with the press of a lever.

“This has proved the most popular of the whole Mossberg range of rifles in the UK,” says Andy Norris from the distributors, Viking Arms. “It’s easy to see why. It’s light and manoeuvrable, and you can extend the stock to full length when you’re outside the vehicle.”

Andy Norris shoots the Mossberg MVP LC

The rifle comes in the three most popular calibres: 5.56mm (.223), 7.62mm (.308) amd 6.5 Creedmoor. Retail price is £1,250. Barrel length depends on the calibre – .223 is 16.25ins, .308 18.5ins and 6.5 20ins. The barrel is semi fluted, and threaded for a moderator.

It is built on a light aluminium chassis stock with an AR15 style pistol grip. The 10-shot magazine is compatible with standard AR15 magazines.

The MVP LC is a compact package ideal for working out of a pick-up

Trigger pull weight is adjustable down to 3lbs, and the fluted bolt helps to clear any mud or dirt from the action. The fore-end accepts M-Lok accessories, and there’s an integral Picatinny rail to fit whatever day or night vision scope you choose.

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