New gun & new cartridge vs armour-plated pigeons – Crowhow

It’s all new, new, new in this episode of Crowhow. Andy’s Blaser F16 has been off to the factory for a series of bespoke tweaks, he is trying out new fibre-wad Clear Pigeon cartridges from Gamebore, and he even has a new, improved cameraman, Carlos (David is flouncing around Europe waving his camera at foreign hunters). If that weren’t enough, Crow is convinced the the pigeons have a new secret weapon. Watch this film to find out more…

Andy is sponsored by:
▶ Blaser
▶ Gamebore
▶ Vario Ear Plugs
▶ Jack Pyke
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This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 469


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