New gun & new cartridge vs armour-plated pigeons – Crowhow

It’s all new, new, new in this episode of Crowhow. Andy’s Blaser F16 has been off to the factory for a series of bespoke tweaks, he is trying out new fibre-wad Clear Pigeon cartridges from Gamebore, and he even has a new, improved cameraman, Carlos (David is flouncing around Europe waving his camera at foreign […]

High Pheasants: Sweet Lamb Shoot

High Pheasants: Sweet Lamb Shoot

  High-bird specialist Ross Neville tries out the Sweet Lamb shoot in Wales. Well-known as a rally circuit, Sweet Lamb also has a fabulous shoot, in the best traditions of the best Welsh shoots. Plus he tries out the new Browning Crown – testing it on some of the most sporting birds in the UK. […]

Balkan Chamois Hunt

To the Rhodopes Mountains for one of Europe’s most attractive animals. He might be close to the border with Greece but Bulgaria can be cold and our hunter, Al Khametov, is feeling that windchill. They can only shoot three chamois a year here and Al is one of the lucky ones. He is shooting a […]

Fieldsports Britain – Monster Screaming Pheasants

It’s one of the country’s most challenging high-bird shoots. Ross Neville pits himself against the pheasants and partridges of the Sweet Lamb shoot in Wales, not just a rally circuit but a thriving shoot as well. Will he succeed – or will they race past him? Meanwhile, Andy Crow is shooting pigeons on the farm […]


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