Northern Ireland backs down over FACs – Fieldsports News, 17 February 2021

Here are the links:
No new FAC fees for Northern Ireland – BASC
Tinder dry Scottish uplands burn – BBC
Mountain hares vanish from RSPB reserve – Facebook
Coca Cola caves in to antis’ pressure not to kill fox – Daily Mail
Anti hunters fleece Patagonia – Fieldsports News
Six UK shooting mags merge to three – Fieldsports News
Carrie’s new zoo gets bankrupt Borth lions – Criccieth Today
River Lugg farmer still under investigation – Fieldsports News
Meaty diets stop moggies killing wildlife – Exeter University
CZ buys iconic US gunmaker Colt – Western Journal
Canada PM proposes local gun bans – Global News
Firearms expert gives techie shotgun thumbs-down – YouTube

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