Gamekeepers save the ozone layer – Fieldsports News, 17 March 2021

Here are the links:
Cut carbon: go grouse shooting – Moorland Association
Packham didn’t fake death threat letter, cops claim – The Times
Angling Trust challenges government over anti-angling report – Angling Trust [PDF]
Anglers and divers who created ‘fish nursery’ banned from the area – Facebook and YouTube
Pheasant formula is the new dog’s dinner –
Case against huntsman dropped after sabs fail to produce evidence – Countryside Alliance and Facebook
Dog rescue after armed chase – Leicester Mercury and Nottinghamshire Police
Missing golden eagle reunited with owner – RTE
Rewilded wolves spread across Europe – Facebook and Gloucestershire Live
Stuffed animal heist –
Man pays $310,000 to hunt Utah mule deer – TheReporterOnline and YouTube
Scattering ashes by shotgun – Facebook

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