Green attack on grouse – Fieldsports News, 7 April 2021

Here are the links:
Greens con Scots on grouse – Facebook
Moss grows better on burnt moors – Science Direct + GWCT + Daily Mirror gets it wrong
BASC gives SNP a way out for its disastrous deer policy – BASC
Disposable barbecues start Easter wildfires – FacebookDevon Live

Countryside Code gets an overhaul countryside – Countryside Code PDF + Countryside Alliance press release
Dead deer shock horror probe – Daily Record
Hog deer and jungle cat live wild in Kent – Kent Messenger
Pet thieves arrested in Essex as police recover spaniels and terriers – Essex Police
Irish pigeonshooting under threat again – Irish Independent
Ibra in the lions’ den – Expressen 

Bear hunts for 12-year-olds – New York state budget PDF + watch a kid bowhunting bear in Manitoba on YouTube
Hunting video game gets better funding than hunting:

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