Westminster to debate grouseshooting again – Fieldsports News, 14 April 2021

Here are the links:
Delayed grouse shooting debate set for this month – GWCT
Sick greens bash Prince Philip – YouTube
BASC backs Yorkshire Post awards – BASC
Seaside council slammed over gull control plan – Cornwall Live
Farm kids get death threats – Metro
Vegan student cuts abattoir class – Daily Mail
Sabs outraged after North Wales police drop hunt case – Daily Post
Parliament to ponder pet theft penalties – petition
French poacher fined for trapping robins – French government
SCI steps in to block legal challenges to grey wolf status – Instagram
Sexy hunter raises cash for conservation – OnlyFans
Duck hunters armed with data force Victoria policy U-turn – Facebook
Gator guts give clue to dog disappearances – Daily Star

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