National Trust cold-shoulders keepers – Fieldsports News, 28 April 2021

Here are the links:
National Trust shuns keepers who put out moor fire – Examiner Live and National Trust
National Trust destroys ancient grassland – BBC 
Have sabs hacked hunt Facebook group? Facebook
Hunt master sacked for surprise birthday outing – The Times 
Scottish government accused of planning mass cow cull – Press & Journal 
Extinction Rebellion mass trespass misses its mark – Twitter
Animal rights extremists put children in danger  – Facebook 
Huddersfield man sentenced for egg thefts – RSPB
Spain to give pets same rights as humans – iNews
Spanish hunters using bows and arrows for boar control – The Times 
South African hunting organisations form ‘super league’ – Fieldsports News 
BBC says hunting better than yoga – BBC

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