Guntrader attracts the lawyers – Fieldsports News, 11 August 2021

Here are the links:
Solicitors swoop on Guntrader victims in bid to cash in on leak – Fieldsports News + Fieldsports News follow-up
University releases landmark shooting report – YouTube
Botham bowls over Packham with hen harrier facts – Fieldsports News
John Muir Trust blames deer for ‘climate crisis’ – Oban Times
Make trespass on farms criminal, demands petition – Parliamentary petition
Alpaca on death row gets support from protesters and farmers – DEFRA
Three dogs nabbed from Derbyshire kennels – Facebook + Brookfield Farm kennels 01332 668767 + Derbyshire police incident number 21000436321
‘Animal lovers’ banned from Devon estate – Devon Live
Celeb-endorsed UK charity makes money ‘at expense of Africans’ – Conservation Frontlines
Africans dealt blow after US lawmakers pass trophy ban – Instagram
Rifle and ammo sales raise $14.1 billion for wildlife – SCI
Wildlife sanctuary over-run by foxes – Facebook

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