RSPB earns millions from gamekeeping – Fieldsports News, 15 September 2021

Here are the links:
RSPB agrees to target predators in seabird ‘rescue’ – RSPB
Big shops are donating to animal rights extremists – Facebook
Wildfire pollution kills nearly 200 people a year – The Times
Government scraps pet passport checks – DAERA
BBC donates money to League Against Cruel Sports – BBC + BBC donations statement + Twitter
Deadline approaches for antique firearms law change – Government media release
BASC announces Legacy Scholarship winners – BASC
GWCT releases ‘Working Conservation’ – GWCT
Irish, English convicted of rhino horn trafficking – Guardian
One-in-four hunters will quit over European lead ban – Euractiv
US Congress passes bill banning trophy imports – Instagram + Instagram
Animal Control officers earn their stripes – YouTube

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