Antis put leak webinar evidence to a judge – Fieldsports News, 15 September 2021

Here are the links:
Leaked Hunting Office webinar used in court against Master of Foxhounds – Guardian + YouTube
‘Time-wasting’ council tries to stop trail hunts that don’t happen – Countryside Alliance
Fox complaints surge after toddler-snatching incident – Portsmouth News
Nature.Scot ends funding for Orkney goose management – Farming UK
Trophy sales hold up well at auction – Fieldsports News
French furious at latest bird hunting ban – Le Parisien 
EU lead ban could spell end of target shooting – All4Shooters + YouTube
Canada’s Liberal leaders take aim at gun owners – again – Calibre Mag + YouTube
Canadian coyote cull faces complaints despite dozens of attacks – Ammoland
Walmart founder and hunter donates millions to African reserves – Afrik21 + YouTube
Democrats try to end state’s annual wolf hunt – Instagram + Wyoming Public Med
Hunters arrested over massive haul – + Facebook

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