Big-budget anti-hunting video – Fieldsports News, episode 624

Here are the links:

  • Hunters are scum – the movie – LinkedIn 
  • Northern Ireland anti hunting law published – Fieldsports News
  • Sabs snap photos of children
  • Animal rights activists plan Christmas pub massacre – YouTube
  • Danish royals celebrate the hunting season – Daily Mail
  • Livestock deaths enrage French farmers – La Depeche
  • Norwegians fine visiting Italians for illegal hunting –
  • Norway sells hunting day tickets to help reduce elk numbers – Jegeravisen
  • Record prices for hunting trophies – Circle M Auctions
  • C-130 drops supplies to stranded hunters – Twitter
  • Turkish woman sets new top price for markhor trophy hunt – Big News Network
  • Naked calendar makes a great Christmas present – buy it on Facebook


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