Huge turnout for Boxing Day hunt meets – Fieldsports News, episode 631

Here are the links:

  • Hunt supporters out in force for Boxing Day meets – Twitter
  • Hunt sabs vandalise church – Facebook
  • Priti makes plans for crossbows and guns – Guardian + Fieldsports News
  • Is this a shooter or hunter? – BBC
  • Red squirrels thrive thanks to airgunners – Facebook
  • Ruddy duck numbers fall to new low – Guardian + YouTube
  • Carrie on zookeeping: Kenya to get 13 elephants from Kent – The Sun
  • Botswana auctions 83 elephants – Daily Sabah
  • Gamekeeper lack leads to Irish hen harrier problem – PDF
  • French hunters provide free wild boar meals for homeless –  Facebook
  • Iranian and Kyrg wildlife under threat –  Tehran Times + BBC
  • Christmas dinner tempts big cat –


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