Telehandler hero – Fieldsports News, episode 637

Here are the links:

  • Telehandler farmer cleared of damaging Corsa – BBC
  • Brewer’s tree planting scheme attacked over cull – Telegraph
  • National Crime Agency shuts down illegal gunmaker – BBC
  • Police arrest six men accused of hare poaching in Wiltshire – Wiltshire Police
  • Legal challenge over rules for shooting wild birds – Guardian
  • Petition to save Loch Lomond’s wallabies – Vimeo +
  • Scientists develop Lyme disease vaccine – MV Times
  • Tree felling on river bank upsets anglers – Fieldsports News
  • Specialist vets launch welfare scheme for game birds – NGO
  • Boris backs real bearskins for busbies – Daily Mail
  • Rhino poacher shot dead in South Africa national park – AfricaHunting
  • Beagles lead antis on wild goose chase in Wales – Facebook

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