Europe’s hunters send Ukraine relief – Fieldsports News, 9 March 2022

Here are the links:

  • Shooters across Europe support Ukraine – Fieldsports News 
  • Fundraising for family of dead gamekeeper in Northamptonshire – GoFundMe
  • Vinnie backs new YouTube channel – YouTube
  • ‘Corporate’ forests in Scotland cause inequality – Guardian
  • Sab convicted for attacking vehicle  with two young children inside at Leicestershire hunt – Leicester Mercury + Facebook
  • Wild pigs cause havoc in Scottish Highlands – BBC
  • Wild Justice lawyer works for ‘Putin’s henchmen’ – C4PMC
  • Environment Agency dismisses pollution prosecutions – Guardian
  • US university culls deer – UMDearborn
  • Australia gets duck hunting season go ahead –
  • UK government to investigate big cat sightings – Cheshire Live


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