Alert system for England’s ‘mental’ gun owners – Fieldsports News, 6 July 2022

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Here are the links:

  • New medical alert for shooters – Daily Mail
  • Environment secretary stands with animal rights extremists – Twitter
  • Antis pour out hatred over death of professional hunter – Twitter
  • Finland proposes hunting trophy import ban – Instagram
  • New taskforce to protect Scottish gamekeepers – Scottish Parliament TV
  • Carrie’s boss asked to step down from ‘conservation’ zoo – Charity Regulator
  • Prince Charles new GWCT patron – GWCT
  • Fire on Bisley ranges – Facebook
  • South Africa big game crisis – Africa Geographic
  • Dog walker fined after curlew eggs destroyed – BBC
  • British Game Assurance Three Peaks challenge – JustGiving
  • France ban meat names for vegan food – RTE


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