First it was foxshooters who discovered how useful night vision is. Then badger cull contractors were trained in its use – and night vision went insitutional. Now deerstalkers use thermal for spotting animals. So, which thermal and night vision do you all use? For popularity among Fieldsports Channel viewers, two companies take the laurels. In second place with 20% of the market, is Pard and in first place with nearly a quarter of it is Pulsar.

2020 night vision market share image

The night vision market is characterised by dozens of products, all slightly different, and Pulsar offers plenty of them. It offers so many, that it is not a winner in the favourite product category.

Top Night vision 2020 image
Third place for your favourite night vision unit goes to the now discontinued Yukon Photon XT standalone riflescope. In second place is the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro riflescope, and winner with nearly 15% of the whole market is the Pard NV007 riflescope attachment.

Here’s how foxshooting kit reviewer Mike Powell reacts to these results:

The most loved night vision brand is one of the old brands. Starlight wins the prize for ease of use, waterproofing for its products, reliability and accuracy. The winner for durability are products from Pulsar. And the prize for value for money AND for customer service goes to Pard. Starlight is a significant loser for customer service, coming well below the rest.

So how about thermal? Well, one company creams it. It’s not Guide, which is in third place. It’s not ATN which is in second place. With nearly 80% of the market for thermal spotters, it’s Pulsar, and unit of choice is the Helion series.

best-thermal vision 2020
Market share: Pulsar has 80% of the thermal market among Fieldsports Channel viewers

We had 3,500 responses to our March 2020 survey of fieldsports kit. Only 246 of those own night vision and 188 own thermal – but those who do own it have splashed the cash.

Not many of you have this kit now, but it’s the next revolution in shooting sports kit and our prediction is that it will grow and grow.

Here’s Robbie Sheddon from Cluny Guns on best night vision for under £1,000:


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