The Nite Stalker package includes any Howa rifle (we show the 20in Varmint rifle with Lightning II stock in our film). It also comes with an ATN 4K day/night scope, Aimsport Triton 50 moderator, bipod and five-shot magazine.

Ryan Charlton from distributor Highland Outdoors calls the Howa Nite Stalker package one of the company’s “crown jewels”. Here’s what you get:

20-inch Howa Varmint rifle with 1 MOA accuracy with factory ammunition. “Keepers and people shooting from vehicles and hides love this length of barrel,” Ryan says.

ATN X-Sight 4K day/night digital rifle scope. “It works during the day full 4k resolution, you simply press a button then you see in the dark with the same crystal clear image,” says Ryan. “Proven really popular with gamekeepers and pest controllers.”

It’s a steal: Highland Outdoors’ ‘crown jewels’ deal


AimSport Triton 50 II moderator. “Nice and light, doesn’t add a lot of length … only adding actually 70mm to the end of the barrel.”

That’s not all. There’s a bipod and a five-shot drop box mag conversion.

Email for more details. Click here for other Howa packages.

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