Stag shot in water – social media storm It’s taken four months, but the police have at last agreed that they will bring no charges against the deerstalkers in the Stag-in-Watergate scandal. The film shocked some deerstalkers but, maybe more shocking, is that some of them complained to the police about the video, which shows a stag shot in water on the […]

Boris’s new lockdown dates cock-up

   Planning to go shooting in England on Wednesday 2 December? First the government said it was legal, then they said it was illegal, now they say it’s legal. You can hold a driven shoot on 2 December 2020. Members of the UK government, including prime minister Boris Johnson, announced that 2 December 2020 […]

What is the Nite Stalker package?

  The Nite Stalker package includes any Howa rifle (we show the 20in Varmint rifle with Lightning II stock in our film). It also comes with an ATN 4K day/night scope, Aimsport Triton 50 moderator, bipod and five-shot magazine. Ryan Charlton from distributor Highland Outdoors calls the Howa Nite Stalker package one of the company’s […]

Blowy Hampshire driven pheasants

  A fun, family shoot in Hampshire, Popham is keepered by Ben Christian. He talks about how he puts on days there, and how he keeps birds on one of Hampshire’s most exposed pieces of ground. John Roll Pickering from the family who owns the farm is holding a day there for friends and relations. […]

Fieldsports Britain – a pop at Popham

  Push pheasants over guns with a following wind and you are always in for a spectacular day. That’s all very well – but those birds can easily keep flying. Charlie visit the Popham Shoot in Hampshire for a windy driven game day to find out how they hold birds. We’re also looking at deerstalking […]

New general licences in England for 2021 – Fieldsports News, 11 November 2020

Here are the links: New general licences in England – Fieldsports News Did antis hit newspaper grouseshooting poll? – Fieldsports News SNP recognises benefits of grouseshooting – BASC Boris bungles lockdown end date – Fieldsports News Townies criticise countryside English government closes antique firearms loopholes to ‘protect public’ – press release Police nab possible egg […]

Jackdaws don’t take songbird eggs, says government

Because government scientists can’t prove they cause harm, you are no longer allowed to protect your songbirds from jackdaws and rooks in England. A statement from DEFRA endorsed by DEFRA minister George Eustice reads: “Jackdaws and rooks will no longer be able to be controlled for conservation purposes because the evidence does not demonstrate that […]

Antis fake grouseshooting poll

Antis may have used internet ‘bots’ to change a newspaper grouse-shooting poll from overwhelming in favour of the sport, to appearing to show that Scotland is against it. After running at 76% in favour of grouseshooting, the poll in the Scottish Herald racked up 17,373 votes against in just four hours, ending 77% against it. […]


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