Packham pushes grouse back into Parliament – Fieldsports News, 11 March 2020


Here are the links:

Parliament to ponder driven grouse ban – again – Wild Justice press release
BASC says no game bird deal with supermarket – Facebook
Dachshund Maisie sweeps top Crufts prize – Facebook
Thieves make off with Paul Childerley’s dog – Facebook
Deer gets plastic bag stuck on head – Twitter
Otter killer earns prison time – Dorset Police
Stockport ‘thugs’ intimidate hunt – Facebook
Rainiest hunt season in living memory comes to close – Facebook
Campaign to get game on the dinner table – #gamemeatmarch
Suburban man petitions against goose hunters – local newspaper
Danish fair falls victim to virus – local newspaper and YouTube
Rifle recoil puts German star in hospital – Instagram
White giraffes killed by poachers – local newspaper
Class action considered against ‘anti-gun’ firms – contact and Facebook
Kids taught hunting and gun safety – RecoilWeb and YouTube


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