It’s the results of our massive airgun questionnaire and thanks to all who took part in to. Our Fieldtester surveys prompted 3,500 reponses, which has given us some of the most comprehensive information about who owns what and what they think of out that the shooting industry has ever seen.

10% of the survey results were from airgunners, every single one of them shoots pests and some enjoy plinking, too. First thing we noticed when we went through the results: it is clear that the break barrel’s glory days are over. Nearly everyone lists a PCP as their favourite airgun.

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So, which makes of PCP airguns do you buy? Three companies have more than half the market. The biggest is Air Arms, with nearly a quarter of the market by itself, followed by BSA and in third place Weihrauch.

Airgun pie chart 2020

Here are the category winners:

Airgun category winners web layers

For fit and looks, you rate the Daystate Wolverine the highest

For accuracy, you chose the Daystate Huntsman

For reliability and value for money, the winner is the Air Arms S400

And the company that offers the best customer service is Daystate

Numbers talk, and so which are the most popular airguns of 2020. Which have you actually bought the most?

Most popular airguns 2020

Third place goes to the Air Arms S510, second place to the Air Arms S410. And the winner is the Weihrauch HW100 – 10% of you have one of those.

Choosing the perfect airgun? Have a look at these survey results:

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