A hen harrier that Scottish antis said had been killed by gamekeepers was found alive and well last week.

Now gamekeepers want a crackdown on satellite tagging after the RSPB spotted the bird in Perthshire.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, the RSPB said nothing about spotting it alive, even though the organisation made a great deal of eporting its apparent disappearance in 2018.

In addition, a farmer found a dead sea eagle with a tag that had failed several weeks previously and was already on a list of birds “Missing believed persecuted”.

Dead sea eagle, presumed by the RSPB to be killed by gamekeepers, but may have died from ‘cumbersome’ RSPB satellite tag

The Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association now wants the satellite tagging of birds to be licensed by the Scottish Government and some gamekeepers claim that cumbersome tags are what are killing hen harriers.

‘Persecuted’ hen harrier found alive and well