Police grab goose shooter’s guns – Fieldsports News, 6 May 2020

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Police take guns from persecuted Leeds pest controller Barry Swain Fcha.nl/shooter-arrested-threatened-abused/
Sea eagles ravage British lambs Fcha.nl/sea-eagles
RSPB lashes out at grouse shoots Fcha.nl/county-durham-red-kite
Six-figure salary for official who messed up general licences Fcha.nl/official-in-charge-of-general-licences-mess-made-new-head-of-natural-enland/
Newspaper warns of hard times ahead for the countryside Bit.ly/35zKkuG
Suffolk gun dealer charged with killing wife Bit.ly/2Wz3CfE
Scottish salmon under threat from iron mine pollution Fcha.nl/salmon-in-scottish-river-under-threat-from-mine-pollution-say-anxious-anglers/
Armed cops and helicopter swoop in on Kent ‘tiger’ Fcha.nl/police-send-armed-officers-helicopter-after-tiger-spotted-in-kent/
Eat Game Awards winners Fcha.nl/eat-game-awards-winners
Has Canada just accidentally banned shotguns? Fcha.nl/did-canada-ban-the-wrong-guns/
Hunter’s social media account deleted after antis complain Fcha.nl/south-africa-hunters-instagram-account-deleted-after-antis-complain/
Crowdfunding account set up to help Africa’s hunters amid coronavirus crisis GoFundMe.com/f/professional-hunters-in-africa
Meat improves mental health, third of vegetarians are depressed, study claims Dailym.ai/2SEFtmK
Suspected poachers released due to coronavirus crisis – Facebook
Hate crime ruled out after Sikh temple gunshots CBSloc.al/2WwcfYp
Media rally around wombats provokes hunting ban Fcha.nl/world-hunting-loses-the-wombat/
Its croc-down for panicked Americans Bit.ly/2zfjLz3 and Bit.ly/3cayx8D
Sly fox steals box of electrical goodies Bit.ly/2YCX9mv

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