Shooterking Dog Field Dummy Trainer Vest


Designed for gun dog training; Strong canvas adjustable belt, adjustable Chest buckle and waist keep the best balance when carrying dummies in the training days; Huge waterproof bag on the back; Two large cargo pockets aside;  inner pocket for wallet and phone;

Materials: 100% Polyester; PU coating; Lining: 100% Polyester

Sizing Medium-Large (40-42), XL-2XL (44-46)


This vest is a lightweight design with shoulder straps that are adjustable. The style of this vest adjusts easily to size depending on the season and clothing worn. It distributes the weight across the body which makes wearing it easy and comfortable. The front has two straps which are adjustable both sides to make sure no uneven weight distribution but also looks symmetrical and smart when fitted. There are lots of great features including it allowing body to breath in summer when worn, with its waterproof linings and tough outer fabric it easy easy to keep clean and wipe off after days in heavy rain and mud. The pockets are a good usable size with lots of room in them at the front and there is an added inside pocket which includes a zip a waterproof fabric which can be used for your valuables when out or your treats for your dog. Highlighted with orange it looks smart but also makes you easily easily seen in low light and winter days for safety.


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Medium-Large, XL-2XL