This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 519

Jason Doyle enjoys a day’s pheasant and partridge shooting at Druid’s Lodge in the south of England, thanks to italian gunmaker Rizzini. He is there with other shooting writers to try out Rizzini’s range of shotguns, from £3,000 up to a magnificent custom model at £20,000. He talks through the guns he uses, and his cartridge choice for gamebirds on a Wiltshire shoot.

▶ Jason uses a Rizzini Regal in 20-bore and a custom SC31 in 12-bore. Visit
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▶ Edward King runs Rizzini’s UK importer ASI
Click here for all our films with Edward
▶ Cartridges are Gamebore Regal Game 28g 6-shot in 20-bore, Gamebore Grouse Extreme 33g 5.5-shot in 12-bore and, for the last drive, Gamebore Black Gold 32g 5-shot in 12-bore. Visit
▶ To shoot at Druid’s Lodge, Wiltshire, contact Gavin Lockhart at the Glorious Game Sporting Company

Want to know how Italians make lovely English shotguns? Edward King takes us on a tour of the Rizzini factory in Val Trompia, Italy, meeting the craftsmen who creat the lovely combination of walnut and steel that is a Rizzini shotgun.

This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 464

Here are the guns Jason talks about in his film:

Jason with a custom SC31 in 12-bore
Rizzini Regal in 20-bore
Filippo Adamati from Rizzini with a 28-bore side-by-side


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